Saturday, July 8, 2017

Article on Seducing Your Straight Friend

Here's how you can tell if your gay friend secretly wants to have sex with you and is playing the long game:

1) Every other thing out of his mouth is about sex and he takes your offhanded comments and twists them into crass sexual innuendos. He's hanging with you and has sex on his mind.

2) He manages to get you alone with him a lot, building an intimacy. And he likes to talk about things that make you emotional.

3) He reacts differently when he's alone with you as opposed to when you're with other people.

4) He gets undressed in front of you often. He's hoping you'll make the first move.

5) He gets you drunk to talk about pussy, an attempt to get you horny. The old joke: What's the difference between a straight guy and a gay guy? A six pack of beer. (That's actually a little harsh, a twelve pack is more like it.)

6) He has to hug you when you meet and you're not a touchy-feely kind of guy.

7) He's always super-critical of the girls you like. It's the two of you against the world kind of thing. If you're already getting laid you won't likely be so horny you'll consider having sex with a dude. That said, the first straight guy I had a relationship with had a girlfriend so it's not a deal killer.

Oh sure kids, things have changed a lot over the years, straight guys are a lot more open to gay sex today than they ever were for one thing. But the fundamentals of seduction will never change.

And if you're gay trying to get with your supah-fine straight friend... you're welcome! Gay/straight sex is awesome and no, it won't turn a hetero queer, nor does it mean he's secretly gay.


  1. An interesting perspective. We notice the writer does not mention whether the straight friend remains a friend when the sexual relationship is over. Did his first straight lover stay with his girl friend? He doesn't mention if he has ever had a gay/straight fling that cost him a relationship with somebody else. Friends with benefits only works if everybody is of the same mind set...including everybody's significant others. If you belong to a sex club then everybody is comfortable and you all know why you are go for it. What Bryn and I are trying to say is that just be can call the tune but at some point you have to pay the piper.

    1. I agree that you could risk a wonderful friendship with a straight guy by making it sexual. The closest thing for me is that I do have a couple of straight buddies who hang out with me at times and I have been known to dress in front of them before going out. But it is no different than a locker room setting and I am not trying to seduce them. (Their loss BTW!) I found this online and I don't remember the author sharing a specific situation as part of the set up for this.

  2. Sorry guys...the B Boys got a little heavy on this one. Free advice is so often overpriced!

    What works is whatever works!

    What works for Bryn and I is....
    Bryn and I.

    1. I like that conversations can go from bawdy and hot to serious and thought-provoking. Always share what you feel!

  3. I think I completely agree actually :D
    It depends on the person, though
    Nice write-up, btw!

    1. I wish I could take credit and I should have included the author's name. I thought I had copied it when I saved the article but didn't.