Monday, June 17, 2019

Question of the Week: Mirror, Mirror

The Question of the Week is about getting naked and what you see in the mirror.

"What four or five qualities about your body do you like?"

This is not about being some model for, but we real guys.  Celebrate some things about what you see in the mirror and be proud of the man standing there!


  1. Well, let's see... In my dancing days, I loved my ass - tight and on the round side. Now, it sags like all dancers' butts do when we age. I still like my legs though. The M.D. is robbing them, of course, but I still like the shape. I still get compliments...well, once in a while, anyway. LOL.
    I like my eyes; a blue that will change shades depending upon what color shirt I wear. And, of course, I love my cock. Absolutely love that. Still rather impressive if I say so myself, and still gets noticed when I dare to hit the day spa.

  2. Even more time in front of a mirror... hold me back.😁
    Let's see...4 or 5 things.
    1. My ass. I have always had plenty back there. Yes it does say a bit now
    (I am 70 afterall) but it still looks pretty damn good in a pair of jeans.
    2. My broad shoulders. My dad used to have a saying; "Built like a brick shit-house." (Pardon the language) That's me; broad square shoulders that never needed shoulder pads in a suit jacket...and they are still broad and straight.
    3. My eyes. Bryn says they are Sapphire Blue. Anytime I wear a blue shirt they pop.
    4. My chest. It was broad and full when I was young. Now it is what I would call "barrel" shaped. My pecs have sagged a bit but I think it still looks pretty good. The gray hairs aren't all that obvious through the blonde mass...unless you bury your face there for a good look.(teehee)
    5. I still have powerful looking legs. I wouldn't say attractive but there aren't any varicose veins.

    Sounding a bit Narcissistic aren't I?
    Bryn stood me in front of the mirror and gave me a run down of what he thinks are among my best features. I am omitting what he said about my cock, my balls, and my ass...he made me blush.😊😊

  3. Now for the other B Boy.
    Bruce gave me a rundown of what he noticed when he checks me out. I will mention what we agree on.
    1. My curves. I have always had a narrow waist and a round ass. The ass says a bit but I still have the narrow waist. Yes folks, the curves are still there.
    2. My long, straight legs. I am a runner so they are toned but at 6'6" they are looong. Like Bruce there is no sign of any varicose veins.
    3. My hair is still quite dark and thick. I don't color it. I seem to have the genetic predisposition against gray hair. My mother is well over 90 and her hair is what people call "salt and pepper".
    4. (Bruce made me say this) My nipples are "perky". I do have some chest hair but it doesn't cover my nipples. They are quite visible.

    That's it for me.
    For the Record....
    I said that when people see Bruce at a nude beach they realize right away that I did not marry him for his money. I have referred to him as my "prize bull" because of his heavy package. As for his would make most bottoms want to top.

  4. turn!

    1. My chest: I have nice definition in my pecs and I like the way my chest looks. I think I wear deep V T-shirts well. LOL!

    2. My feet: I have to include my feet because I pamper them so! I get pedicures and I keep them nice looking.

    3. My smile: I think I have a nice smile. I think most people have nice smiles.

    4. My last choice...better make it a good one...I am going to go with my hair. I change up my look at times. Let it grow longer in the winter. A little shorter in summer. I like that a change of hair can make me feel different. I don't dye it...yet! LOL!

  5. Eyes, lips and face in general, dick, cum

    1. Bet the guys at the Sunday club would agree!

    2. my cum is so much appreciated!

    3. Do the same guys get it every week or new guys?

    4. not always same guys, sometimes they change