Friday, August 31, 2018

What an Awesome Tribute to Aretha Franklin

Freeway of Love! 130 pink Cadillacs line Detroit's streets as part of Aretha Franklin's funeral procession in homage to the Queen of Soul's hit song

  • 130 pink Cadillacs lined up in a procession for the Queen of Soul's Friday funeral in tribute to her 1985 hit Freeway of Love 
  • Grammy-Award winning song features lyrics: 'We're going riding on the freeway of love. In a pink Cadillac' 
  • Crisette Ellis, an independent national sales director for Mary Kay Cosmetics, came up with the idea after she and her husband were inspired by police lining up in their cars for fallen officers  

Hot Barefoot Models of David Vance

Anthony from Sean Cody

Friday Hot Flash

Thursday, August 30, 2018

True of False

Of the following five statements, please give the number of TRUE answers that you would give on the pop quiz.  Then we can try to figure out which ones are true for you.  Of course, you can go ahead and share which are the true statements for you with your numerical answer. 

1.    Someone in my family has seen me hard and made a comment about it.

2.    I have given head to completion to three different guys within a 24 hour period.

3.   I have been in love with someone but they did not love me in return (although we were having sex).

4.   The first load that I ever tasted was that of my partner and not my own.

5.   I consider myself more reserved and shy in locker rooms than other men.

Looking forward to hearing your answers.  And for the record, I have three TRUE answers.  LOL!

Thursday Hot Flash

Monday, August 27, 2018

Question of the Week: Roles

The Question of the Week involves foot play:

"If you are servicing the feet of a man, do you feel that you are in a submissive role?  If so, how far do you like to go in domination/submission?"

I will answer this question first.  Personally, I enjoy pleasuring the feet of a man if he is into that.  I do not think of it as I am being submissive or that he is dominating me.  Of course there are levels of play, but I do it because it is a turn on to me as much as I hope it is to my partner.

Share your thoughts below.

Monday Hot Flash

Sunday, August 26, 2018

Sunday Hot Flash: David Tag

David Tag (shirtless guy) stars in a soap opera in the UK.  Do you find him hot or not?