Friday, January 26, 2018

Appreciation of Bare Feet


  1. All beautiful, but I really like the strapping young fella by the sewing machine. What I nice skill to have at this time and age....

  2. This blog is giving me a bit of a foot fetish.....
    6. A fantastic pair of feet and a gorgeous dick....need I say more. 😈
    7. Brandon is one of our favorites from the Sean Cody stable of studs.
    13. We have to agree with Tony....a strapping hunk of man...I think we have some mending to be done 😉😉

    1. With all of the clothing being removed in a hurry, I imagine there are a few zippers and such that our friend at the machine could mend for you. LOL!

    2. Not to mention the buttons that go flying when a shirt won't come off fast enough.....