Saturday, August 12, 2017

Saturday Hot Flash


  1. It's 04:40am and what else does one of Gabriel's blog followers do when he wakes this early? Well, first you try not to wake "Sleeping Beauty"... he usually gets up at 05:00am for his run so I won't have long to wait. Then you stop by BFM and give your morning wood some inspiration. Then you flip the covers off of "Sleeping Beauty" so he snuggles closer. Then you wait knowing he will soon wake to see your hard dick in front of his face.....
    (Aren't I incorrigible?)

    1. I don't know. I don't think that sounds like a bad morning routine to wake up with a hard on in your face. :-)

    2. It isn't.
      It wasn't.
      I kissed his dick good morning.
      Then I kissed him good morning.
      Then I became a cum hungry cock gobbling slut!
      I love being a gay man! 😎

    3. What???? You are gay????? You are kidding! :-)

    4. Well damn!
      I thought I had everybody fooled and here I go letting the cat out of the bag!
      Yes, Your Honor. I. Am. Gay.

    5. Wow...I am totally shocked...NOT! :-)