Monday, July 17, 2017

Question of the Week: Locker Room Views

The Question of the Week is:

"Who is the hottest man you have ever seen naked in the locker room of your gym or at a local spa?" 

Of course we need vivid details on the hotness that we missed out seeing!  LOL!


  1. Well, I don't know if he was the hottest I'd ever seen, but certainly the most fun to watch.
    A young guy, probably early 20s, on the short side, with short blonde hair, but he was well-built; a swimmer's build with muscular shoulders and pecs, slender waist, and manscaped pubes. He intrigued me because he wasn't ashamed of his body in any way, shape, or form. Most likely, he was an exhibitionist.

    A row of sinks with a mirror above them covered the wall. There's a bench opposite. The counter was high to accommodate men, so you really couldn't see yourself below the waist. This kid, jumped up onto the bench and began striking poses to either admire himself, check his bodybuilding progress, or show off. Difficult to know which, but who cares? Because he had a beautiful fully hard cock. Slight upward curve and average length and thickness, and balls that swung low.
    The guys in the place never flinched. Everyone went on about their own business. I stood and watched. When he jumped down from the bench, his cock bobbled and his balls bounced. All I said was, "nice," and all he said was "thanks."
    As I said, there may have been hotter guys over the years, but he stood out because he was so uninhibited about his cock and its functioning.

    1. Great visual in my mind! Thanks for sharing.

      One of the memorable men I have seen was at a spa in Las Vegas. I walked into the hot tub area and there was one man in the cold tub. I walked over to the hot tub. There was a third tub but was unoccupied. I was just chilling in the hot tub and a few minutes went by and the guy rose up to walk out. He had one of the largest flaccid cocks I have ever seen. Wow! I tried not to look but I had to!

      A little later I walked into the steam room and he was sitting there bare ass. It was a small steam room so I had to sit across from him. We chatted and chilled. He was not touching himself or anything. He was just a naked guy in a steam room. He left and I walked out a few minutes afterwards and he was drinking some water. Standing there bare ass. I was in a towel (opened of course in the steam room, but I was a little more modest. LOL!

      He was married and told me about things to do in the city. He then showered and dressed and was on his way. But I do remember his beautiful hairy chest and his very big flaccid cock. Sigh! :-)

  2. Thanks to both of you for the visuals.

    We have been going to a more of a spa type facility since Bruce had his stroke. A few weeks ago we went into the steam room after a session on the equipment. There was only 1 other man in there. He was very well put together. What you could call a surfing Adonis....tall, blond, tanned, and it was an all over tan, slim, hairy chested, and had a beautiful semi flaccid cock. He didn't bother covering up so we slipped off our towels. We chatted a bit. He was moving from Hawaii for work. He told us that he finally met the right girl and they were starting a new life together on the mainland away from her mother and his father. Isn't it amazing how fast you get to know someone when you are all naked?

    Back on topic....he had to leave so we said goodbye and wished him and his new love good luck! No he did not cover up when he left the steam room and yes we watched his dick bob and his ass flex as he walked out. We didn't expect to see him again.

    When we went into the change room there he was leaning over the sink to get a closer look at himself. We startled him when we said hello again. He blushed and stammered that he had just found his first gray chest hair. He then realized who he was talking to and blushed even hair is salt and pepper and Bruce's is gray going white. Not to mention Bruce has a few gray hairs on his furry chest. We both laughed and told him to "own" whatever mother nature throws at him. He apologized for being silly; here he was having a problem with turning 40 whining to men that went through it 10 years ago. BRUCE AND I NEARLY WET OURSELVES WE WERE LAUGHING SO HARD!
    When I caught my breath I told him how old we are and his jaw nearly hit the floor.

    He muttered about having to get going and hastily dressed and left. It was quite a show watching a man get into shorts, T-shirt, and flip flops in under 3 seconds.

    We haven't seen him since. It would appear that we traumatized him. It is a shame if he now goes to another spa. He was very easy on the eyes.

    1. Great experience! And you guys rock being 50 years old very well! :-)

    2. It is vain but it felt great to have a sexy man say we look nearly 20 years younger than we are.

  3. I know the spa you're talking about, Gabriel. I go there every once in a while to chill out. Steam, sauna, hot tub, maybe the salt sauna.... There are always men who are perfectly comfortable in being nude; others are always covered in a towel. Me? I'm naked. Last time I went, a guy was lounging on a chaise next to the hot tub, his crotch covered in a towel. I stopped to chat with him, and finally sat in the next chair when he pulled the towel off. He had nothing to be shy about! Haven't seen him there again, but we're both quite sporadic in our visits there.

    1. Hope your paths cross again in the salt sauna!