Tuesday, March 7, 2017

Questions Answered By Your Blog Host

I get emails with questions from time to time, so I thought I would answer a couple of them today.  Here we go!

1.   What is my occupation?
As many of you know, I am a licensed massage therapist.  I also have some rental properties that I own and work on keeping those rented out.  I like it much better when the properties are filled and I am not having to cover the mortgages!  LOL!  I am also working on a new business venture that is still in the preliminary stages and so I cannot go into any details yet.

I love doing the massage work because it is so therapeutic and I see that my clients benefit from the bodywork.

2.    Do I live alone?
Yes, I hang out alone most of the time.  As a friend once said on his online profile, "Two pillows, one vacancy"!  I grew up in a large family, so quiet time was always a rare thing growing up.  I enjoy some solitude, yet I am a people person.  And of course I am looking for someone.  But I am enjoying the journey as a solo traveler just fine...for now!  LOL!

3.     Who is my ideal man?
I really do not have a specific type when it comes to appearance.  A sexy man can be sexy through his personality and his attitude as much as his physical body.  Race is not an issue with me and I have dated (not just had sex!) a wide variety of men:  White, Black, Asian, Latin, Eastern European.  Wow!  When I list it like that, I sound like the UN of boyfriends!  LOL!

Being a nudist, I have to admit I am more attracted to men who are nudists as well.  They don't have to be as into it as I am, but it is helpful when they are comfortable with being nude.  Also, the man has to be comfortable and confident since my work has a certain "sexual energy" to it and he must realize that I am not an escort.

I am a romantic.  I love candles and music and cuddling together on the couch and kissing.  One of my nieces who stayed with me over a long weekend a couple of years ago when she was in the area met my boyfriend at the time.  She was in college and had a boyfriend and told me that I kissed mine much more openly than she did her boyfriend.  I joked and told her she better step it up!

If anyone has any questions, please feel free to email me or post them below.  I think it is a fun way for you to get to know your host here at Barefoot Men and I want you all to feel a connection so you will come back for visits and commenting here at the blog.  That energy is what makes this so enjoyable for me.


  1. do you share your pubis? (dick + balls?)

    1. With my boyfriends I do! :-) If you are referring to whether I do with massage clients, I would say no but with a little explanation. The vibe has been strong between me and a client on rare occasions and after the massage appointment, things progressed a little further. But 98% of the time it is not that way.

  2. I agree - any serious relationship needs to know that a massage therapist - even one who provides complete relief of tension - is NOT a prostitute, gigolo, or escort (whatever term you want to use) in any way shape or form. IMO, a massage isn't complete without an ejaculation.

    I've had therapists who were afraid to even get close to my genitals; no glutes, thighs, abs, or chest. When I go for a massage, I want a FULL body massage - everything. And, if I get a hard-on, so what? If the therapist chooses to take care of it, all the better - because that sends me from the salon feeling good, totally relaxed. Isn't that what a massage is supposed to do?

    1. Whkattk: A body massage is supposed to relax the body. What you are referring to sounds more like sex massage. A hooker regardless male or female can and should do that.

    2. Thanks Whkattk for sharing that a massage therapist is just that. And Tony, I agree that a massage is to relax the body. There is a sensual element though that is hard to ignore, no matter how professional. I always want to be professional though and focus on my work.

  3. Thanks for sharing, Gabriel!