Saturday, February 4, 2017

Archived article from (December 2010)

The Hot Foot Interview - Corbett Harper AKA Speedo Student

I accidently found "Speedo Student" and his blog a little over a year ago, I was so impressed by this man that I listed his blog on the Hot Foot blog list. When reading it, I was happy to discover he also had a huge foot fetish. That's all I'm going to say in the introduction, I'll let Corbett Harper tell you his story in his own words!

The Hot Foot: Welcome to the Hot Foot, I've been wanting to interview you for a long time, glad our schedules were finally free at the same time.

Speedo Student/Corbett Harper: So am I. Thanks very much for having me!

THF: So, tell us about SpeedoStudent, how did you get your start?

SS: Well, after I finally accepted that I was gay, I started taking a few photos of myself in and out of my speedos, and posting these on several different gay websites under the username "speedostudent".  I received a very enthusiastic response from the viewers, who wanted to see more, and I thought it would be fun to take it farther. However, all those sites have very small limits on the number of photos and videos you can post, so I decided to set up a photo blog. My plan was to do mostly speedo-themed material, photos and videos both, since I've always been disappointed by the lack of speedo porn out there. This first blog, called "Hawaii Speedo Student" was well received at first, and it really took off after I posted a video of me jerking off in a classroom at the University of Hawaii. This generated national attention and led to my receiving an offer to make my first adult film. Since that time, unfortunately, my original blog has been forced to shut down by a legal threat from Speedo, who claimed I was damaging their reputation, but I am trying to keep the spirit alive on my new site.

THF: When I accidentally surfed into your blog, I was floored by your photography and how comfortable you were with your sexuality, nudity and your love of speedos.

SS: It took me a long time to achieve that level of comfort. But I've always enjoyed photography, and I have a weakness for showing off, so I suppose it was inevitable that once I came to terms with my sexuality, I would be just as forward about it as I always have been with my other opinions.

THF: You also have a foot fetish, how did you come to realize your love of feet?
SS: It's something that I've experienced my whole life without knowing any different. Even before I understood that I was gay, or what sexual attraction was, I knew that I enjoyed going barefoot myself and looking at other guys who were barefoot or in sandals. When I was going through puberty, I used to read books and magazines looking for pictures of barefoot guys, and those were my jerkoff material. There was something about the shape of the naked foot, and the amount of exposure it implied, that was and still is very sensual to me. Eventually I understood that foot fetishism was part of how I expressed my sexuality. Still, it was a long time before I was able to explore it with another guy.

THF: Tell our readers about your feet, I've seen them a few times on your blog, they are so sexy.

SS: Well thanks, I'm glad you think so! They are a size seven, a little bit on the small side, but I like them. I try to keep them as soft and smooth as possible, since I love feet like that. They're not quite as tan as the rest of my body. Back when I lived in Hawaii, I used to have slight tan lines on the top of them from being out in the sun in my flip flops constantly, but those have faded now. I always wear flip flops whenever it's warm enough - I hate wearing closed shoes! Much better to have my feet out there where they're easily accessible and on display!

THF: How ticklish are they?

SS: Moderately ticklish? Im not sure, they have never really been tickled - there are much more sensitive areas of my body for other guys to focus on!

THF: How old were you when you discovered guys?

SS: By the time I was 15 or 16 I knew pretty well that I was attracted to boys rather than girls. It took me a long time to come to terms with that knowledge, though, and accept that there was nothing immoral about being gay.

THF: How old were you when you first hooked up with a guy?

SS: I was a late bloomer. I didn't have my first sex until I was 21, so just last summer.

THF: You've done some adult modeling and videos in the past year, who did you work with, and how was the sex when the cameras are rolling?

SS: I worked with Dirty Bird Pictures to bring out one film, and it was shot with two of the Active Duty models, Kaden and Shawn. They're both hot guys, and very nice and personable off camera, but they are also both straight, so the sex during filming wasn't the most memorable for me. That is the only professional production I've appeared in so far.

THF: What adult actors would you like to work with in the future?

SS: Quite a few, actually - among others, Brent Everett, Alex Stevens, Jake Lyons, Kaleb Cove, Brandon Wilde, Tucker Vaughn, Billy Byron, and the Peters twins. Hopefully I'll get to work with at least some of the models I really like as time passes.

THF: Any adult actors who's feet you'd love to worship?

SS: Why not all of the above! Sexy feet are always something I look for automatically in boys when I'm deciding if I think they're hot. Also, Ashton Michaels, Philippe Delvaux, and Turk Mason all have very hot feet, though unfortunately the first two no longer seem to be doing adult work.

THF: I saw on your blog that recently you were able to meet Shannon from Australia, what's he like?

SS: He's a very nice guy. It was unbelievable to discover that first night that we were both staying at the same resort, and we pretty much spent the rest of it hanging out and chatting. I love meeting people who I've corresponded with for a long time, especially Shannon, since his blog was the inspiration for my now-infamous set of classroom speedo photos. It was definitely a memorable moment!

THF: Anything you care to say to your fans?

SS: Just a very big thank you for watching and enjoying my work. I know I haven't been the most upbeat or productive lately, but I hope I can correct that soon and keep everyone aroused in every sense of the word!  
THF: Thanks for taking some time out of your schedule to interview with us today, I'm sure our readers will love reading this, have a Merry Christmas and great new year!

SS: My pleasure! Thanks and happy holidays to you too!

Here are a few shots other pics not featured in the original post.  Enjoy!


  1. Haven't seen this cutie for a while. Thanks for reconnecting him to all of us!

    XO FFB

    1. I know! He should make a return visit to your blog or mine for an exclusive update. :-)

  2. Corbett Harper. The last shot is the BEST!! Very young, but with a healthy erection. Hope he still has it. He should. Does not look one day older than 30.

    1. I think he would be in his late 20s now.

  3. I remember seeing photos of him several years ago. Is he still modeling?

    1. I cannot say that I have seen anything lately that seemed like a recent shoot. I am happy to keep my eyes open though, for the sake of the blog! LOL!