Monday, February 27, 2017

Question of the Week: Facials

The Question of the Week is about facials and I am not talking about the Clinique kind!

"Do you think a facial is hot?  Do you like to give or receive one?  If you receive, what is it that you feel makes it so hot?"

Monday Hot Flash

Friday, February 24, 2017

Tales From the Massage Table

Disclaimer:  Any story that I share on here regarding a massage session is either a story that a fellow masseur passed along to me or one that I know without a doubt that is OK to share.  I consider it important to keep the confidentiality of the client during any session.  But because of the nature of the work, clients feel open to share and stories stick with me.  One such story from a client of mine has been on my mind a lot lately and that is why I am feeling like I should share it.  (And the photo is not representative of the story but only for the pleasure of viewing!)

Men can be assholes.

I am not one to ever talk badly about men, but there are some who may be a man but are certainly not a gentleman.  "Paul" (not his real name) knows I write online at times but doesn't know specifically about the blog.  He is OK with me sharing his story so others can be reminded of such players in the world.

Paul shared about how this guy had used him as part of some power game.  Paul admits he was not in a good place emotionally when he met "Asshole" (not his real name, but is his real name).  Asshole told him the things Paul was needing to hear at that time, but there was no sincerity in it at all.  Asshole told his friends about Paul and how he had him wrapped around his finger.  Paul was invited to several places by Mr. A (who traveled a lot with work) which required Paul to juggle to try to clear the time off or change holiday plans with family.  Then these trips would not materialize for one reason or another, leaving Paul alone on holidays and such.  But the reasons that these trips never happened was that it was all lies by Mr. A.  Paul thought Mr. A was like him and was lonely and looking for someone who understood the struggles of being gay and the need to keep it quiet due to their situations.  Paul kept trying to justify things but then word got back to him what Mr. A was saying behind his back.  Paul kept trying to make excuses in order to hold on to Mr. A, but finally the reality was too much and Paul pulled away after experiencing a minor breakdown.

As Paul shared this story, I really started to tear up.  I kept focused on the massage work but my heart hurt for him.  We all just want to feel a connection with someone and there will be lots of misses along with those hits.  But when someone specifically uses your emotions as some type of power trip, I think that is horrible.  Paul is one of the sweetest guys I know and has been a regular client for about a year.  He just opened up one day and shared all of this with me.  He remembered I mentioned in passing that I write online and he was the one who mentioned to warn guys to be careful with opening up too fast with someone.

I remember after the massage session, Paul was leaving and he apologized for "spilling his heart out like that."  I hugged him and thanked him for sharing all of that with me.  I reminded him that there was a reason he felt like he wanted to get that off of his chest and that was important for him to do.

We will make mistakes along the way and hurt people, but there is no specific intent to do so in our hearts.  But there are so many hurtful people in this world who get off on power trips and such.  Paul's experience with Mr. A is one of those painful life lessons.  He shared this some months ago, but I was thinking about it again today.  Please know that Paul seems to be doing OK and still out there looking for someone special...and I hope it is someone with a cute ass and not an arrogant asshole!  LOL!

The "core business" of my blog

Xersex mentions that he likes when I focus on the "core business" of my blog, which of course are hot bare feet. So in honor of Xersex, here is a post on the core business!  Enjoy!