Thursday, January 26, 2017

Update on Bruce

Update on Bruce:

I received an email from the B Boys tonight and Bruce was the typist.  He is doing much better and continues to improve every day.  I think the following comment in the email speaks volumes:

"I asked the physical therapist and the doctor today if and when it will be safe to resume our sex life.  The doctor answered my question with another question..."Do you wake up with an erection?"  Bryn snickered....I have woke up with the sheet tented for the last 2 mornings.  He gave me a link to a few articles on the subject that I will look into.  He asked if we resumed a happy sex life after my hip was replaced.  There was a period of adjustment when "alterations" had to be made but we certainly returned to a happy, active sex life.  There you have it....the B Boys will be back in the saddle soon."

Need I say more?  So glad to hear the good news on Bruce's progress.  B Boys, you rock!

Much love,


  1. what a rapid great health improving!!!

  2. Great news! Keep up the great work B Boys...and thanks for the updat Gabriel!

  3. Dear Bruce and Bryn may God keep you safe both. AUGURI, FELICITACIONES, they both mean CONGRATULATIONS!!! There you have. Thanks Gabriel for keeping us abreast or updicked!!!!

  4. Happy about the good report.

  5. We are all thrilled to hear the great news!

  6. I have to say that I love the placard at the beginning...FYI when Bryn hugs me I'm the one that gets the bone first. 😂

    Thankyou everybody for all the comments, the good wishes, and the good thoughts during my recovery. I'm not 100% yet but I soon will be.

    1. Something tells me you are in the high 90s as far as recovery goes. Love that you are feeling stronger each day. So glad to have the B Boys back on here!