Wednesday, January 25, 2017

Remembering Mary Tyler Moore

While I am too young to remember when The Dick Van Dyke Show and The Mary Tyler Moore Show first aired, I have seen them both in reruns.  I can see why everyone was in love with Mary.  As I read the comments and learn more about her career and her production company, I am learning what an important role model she was for so many.  The Oprah clip is awesome.  Rest in Peace, Mary.


  1. She was a wonderful lady and actress. Yes, may she rest in peace.

    1. A special aired on CBS tonight and I watched a little of it. I learned a lot about her that I did not know. They showed the Oprah clip while I was watching. So great!

  2. Carl Reine said she had the best natural sense of subtlety and comedic timing that he ever worked with.

    A great talent.