Saturday, December 30, 2017

Your Boy Here Has Been MIA Some

Hi guys,

I have been able to post a little and schedule a couple of posts for both blogs over the holiday, but I have not had a chance to read comments yet.  I will definitely catch up soon.  With all of the family activities and such, Gabriel has been a busy boy!  LOL!

The real reason why I have not had a lot of time for the blogs this week is that I had a situation that sounds like one of those damn Hallmark Christmas movies!  LOL! 

One of my first serious boyfriends was in town for Christmas week and we happened to reconnect in a strange way.  On December 23, my sister and I grabbed a bite to eat while shopping at Cheesecake Factory and I saw someone who looked very familiar.  Actually, I recognized his mother first.  As they were leaving, I walked over and spoke to him to see if it was actually him.  It was!  For his sake so I am not telling all, I will refer to him by his middle name (Thomas).  He had facial hair which is why I was not sure that was him at first.  He was still very fine.  He needed to leave but we swapped phone numbers and he said he would call me.  I thought he was just being nice and that I would not hear from him, but I did that evening.

We both changed family plans to go out that night to catch up since the next few days would be even crazier with family dinners and such.  We had a late dinner at a small bar and grill and caught up on ten years of stories.  We split up because he was offered a great job and moved from Florida to Washington state, but we were into each other and that made it hard when he left.  We said we would try to make long distance work, but we knew inside it would not.  It just made the split easier. 

Anyway, we walked to the car and kissed goodnight as old friends would.  We both started smiling.  The kissing continued.  We didn't have a place to go since I had family staying at my condo and he was staying with family.  And to our credit, we did not want to have sex in the car.  So I booked a hotel room for the 24th and we both made excuses that we were going to hang out with some old friends that night after Christmas Eve dinner and that we might crash there because we would be drinking.  (It was the best I could come up with and felt like a teenager trying to get away with something even though I am a grown ass adult!)

We met at the hotel and had some awesome and very intense sex.  We had to both get up early so we could be there at least while the excitement of Santa was still going on with the little ones.  We did not get to see each other on Christmas Day, but his text to me that afternoon made me melt.  (And that is between the two of us!  LOL!)

My guests left on December 26, so I could host him as his schedule allowed.  We met up on the 26th and did the Starbucks/shopping thing that you do on the day after Christmas and then I made him dinner that night.  (Yes, your boy can cook some basic things!)  He really needed to go back to his mother's house, so dessert was a little rushed.  LOL!

Then on the 27th, he told his mother that he was going to meet me that day and that he wasn't sure when he would be home in time for dinner.  She told him that she did not expect him back until the next day.  (She was always so cool!)  And she was correct.  Between family commitments for both of us, we finally had a full day and night together.

I had to get back to work on the 28th and he needed to spend some more time with his mother before heading back on the afternoon of the 29th.  We did meet up to spend one more night together.  

So that is why your boy here is (1) behind on commenting on the blogs, (2) a little tired...but a good tired!, (3) smiling a lot, and (4) hornier than ever because I have been having a lot of sex lately. 

Now that we are around ten years older and more able to process what a long distance relationship requires, we are deciding to try to see if we can make it work.  We laid down some ground rules going into it and I hope that helps.  We are realistic that we will be having sex with other men and that we just need to own that.  We are hardly at a point in this rekindled relationship to call it monogamous and we need to be real.  But I have made plans to fly out there in April for a few days to see where this goes. 

It was sweet pillow talk one morning about how we both would love to figure out something to continue what we were feeling.  So that is where we are.  Was it just a Christmas treat? Maybe.  Could it be more?  Possibly.  Updates to follow!  LOL!

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