Wednesday, December 21, 2016

Time to Party: Your Christmas Plans and Traditions

I mentioned that I was going to spend time with one of my older brothers and his family for Christmas.  What do you do during the holidays?  Any special traditions?


  1. We usually have a throng at the lake for Christmas...the head count this year is 44 (including 6 from age 3 to 7). We have a traditional Skandinavian meal on Christmas Eve night then an "English" one the next evening.

    Bruce's mom started an ugliest pajamas tradition years ago. It is done as a Secret Santa. You buy the ugliest pair of pajamas you can find and give them to the name you drew. We open them on Christmas Eve. You have to wear the pajamas at breakfast Christmas morning and while we open presents.

    After dinner on the 24th Bruce gets on the piano and we have a big singalong. There is a prize for whoever can remember the most verses (usually my mom), a prize for the worst singer (a challenge that several of us take up with gusto), and a prize a prize for whoever can sing the fastest without a mistake (you don't know which song until you draw it out of a hat).

    Bruce's dad used to tell the grandchildren the story if the "Julenissen" (the Danish Christmas elves) and the story of "Lindy the Flying Squirrel" that taught Santa's reindeer how to fly. Bruce has taken over the role of story teller. Someone always wants to hear them.

    Happy HoHoHo and Merry Eggnog from the B Boys to all of you!


    1. What wonderful traditions! I like the ugly pajamas idea a lot!

      I have a lot of brothers and sisters and most have children of their own, so Christmas usually is in smaller groups since many of the children are young and want to be home for Santa. I will be with an older brother and his family in Miami.

      I want to hear the story of Lindy. Do I need to come over and sit on Santa's lap to hear it?

      Merry Christmas B Boys! Hope you have an amazing time with family and friends.

    2. The house is bulging at the seams but that is the way Christmas should be. We have been hosting Christmas for nearly 40 years and love doing it.
      FYI Bryn was my secret Santa last year...he gave me a night shirt emblazoned with the Union Jack!

    3. His sister gave him a striped pair (stripes 2" wide)...lime green, lilac mauve, and Robin egg blue. They were actually uglier than my union jack.

    4. They sound hideous! Love it!

    5. Hideous only begins to describe them.

    6. So how did the ugly pajamas turn out this year?

  2. For enquiring minds....

    My Secret Santa gave me pajamas made out of quilt patches...various sizes and some of the worst colors you have ever seen. YIKES!

    Bryn got pajamas covered in huge square panels; each panel is emblazoned (the exact word to use) with a technicolor peacock. He looks like a collection of old NBC logos.