Saturday, November 26, 2016

RIP Florence Henderson

I think we all feel like Florence Henderson is part of our family.  She played Carol Brady on The Brady Bunch starting back in 1969 and one that she revisited in countless movies and sequels.  I remember watching rerun after rerun of that show.  She is like America's Mom and I think that is why so many are saddened by her passing.


  1. She will be missed.
    A gracious lady that was America's mom to a generation.

    1. I would say several generations because of the reruns. I have not read anything negative about her at all.

    2. I must have missed about her passing away. Indeed Bryn and Bruce she was a gracious lady. I loved the Brady Bunch. And now in her memory: I have a cousin Liz Brady, or rather formerly a Brady. I used to call her, husband and daughters the Brady Bunch until she told me with a twitch in her nose Cut it out, so I did. Ms. Anderson, please rest in peace Pacem Restat!!!

    3. Another actor, Ron Glass from Barney Miller, also passed away around the same time. I am not as familiar with that show, but his co-stars on Firefly spoke highly of him. RIP to Ron too.