Tuesday, October 18, 2016

Sending you much love...

Nothing like a nice looking bare foot on a man to make me smile!

I am going on a short break to regroup and revisit the way that I do things here on the blog.  Nothing is wrong and nothing is bad.  Just want to step back and see if I think I post too often and comment too much.  I hope you will stick around and rejoin me when I resume things.

Until then, please know that I love each and every one of you from the bottom of my heart (or maybe I should say the soles of my feet!).  You have made this a very special part of my life and I enjoy your friendships and stimulating conversations.

Much love,


  1. I wish you luck. Reassessing your own methods can be a daunting prospect. We will check in to see when you are back. Bryn and I love the blog as it is but are also looking forward to "Blogs 2.0"

  2. Please take however much time you need. I tried to sent you a lengthier comments but maybe it was not retained for good reason. Just keep in mind that sometimes people give comments that are too personal and may not understand or appreciate your time and efforts...
    Waiting to welcome you back already!!!!

  3. Take care, sweetie! We love you!

    XO FFB

  4. Even though its been awhile I always come back for more. As far as commenting too much???? Its the conversation and camaraderie that makes any blog a good blog. you will be missed but I look forward to giving that booty a SMACK! when you return. I love ya Bro.

    The Male Casting Couch

  5. I don't have a chance to visit often, but I would miss your blog if you were gone. Glad to see that you are back, Gabriel.