Sunday, July 31, 2016

A find by Xersex

For those who do enjoy bare feet, I think Xersex is correct in that you will love this clip!  I know I did!

Adhering to the Barefoot Day schedule

A fun and playful video with feet, but no nudity.  Now if I can find a "Part Two", maybe that will take things to the next level.  Be sure to stay on schedule with Barefoot Day!  LOL!

Sunday Hot Flash

What a hot chest!  Hope you enjoyed!  Now enjoy a few more hot treats!

Thursday, July 28, 2016

What is your favorite word for the male member?

I think I asked this question a long, long time ago but I saw this pic and it brought it back to my memory.  What is your favorite word for the male member?  Any names that are pet names?  Share below.

And for the favorite name (at least for today) is COCK...COCK...COCK...COCK!  LOL!

Vacation hotel quickie with doorman

Not sure when I will be going on vacation, but I would not mind having a hot doorman to welcome me to the hotel!  You know I love the nude beaches, so here are a few visuals to get you in the vacation mood!