Monday, June 27, 2016

Question of the Week: Nudity Around the House

The Question of the Week is about your lifestyle at home.

"How much do you stay nude at your home?  Do you do your housework and chores in the nude?  What about if a friend was coming over?  Are there any buddies that you would just stay naked when they arrived?"

Share about how much of a nudist lifestyle that you practice at home below!

Monday Hot Flash

Sunday, June 26, 2016

A nice surprise from my brother

My brother Jay (we call him that) was in town this weekend to visit his wife's parents who live in the area and had a situation that they needed to help with.  He was busy most of the time with them, but we were able to meet for lunch.  I took him to this great restaurant near a mall and we decided to go in the mall for a few minutes because he needed some new sunglasses. 

We walked in the Tommy Hilfiger store and I saw this pair of flip flops that I was going to buy.  (I found a photo of them online to show you.)  Jay took them from me and said that this was his treat for me.  I told him that I was going to get them, but he insisted and so I gave in. LOL!

It is not about my brother buying me something but the fact that he wanted to do so.  What a sweet and thoughtful man.  So glad that they were able to work things out with her family while they were in town and that he still had time to visit his little brother.

He won't see this post, but I wanted to brag on him!  LOL!  Sending him much love!

Get naked and have fun

Sunday Hot Flash: Tiery B

Your opinion please

I have found the UK Referendum on "Leave" or "Remain" in the EU very fascinating.  I was reading about it prior to the election and was interested in seeing the outcome.  I felt that "Remain" would win because that is what the polls were basically saying, although they did acknowledge it was close.

Now that "Leave" won, there is a petition to have a 2nd Referendum to vote again.  My question is if that is really a fair thing to do since the people had the opportunity to have their voices heard and it went in this direction.  Isn't that the fair way of doing it or am I missing something?  I understand that people are concerned with the immediate economic downward turn, but that was to be expected.

I would love to know your thoughts on this.  Like I said, I feel the people had their chance to vote and "Leave" won.  I realize it was close, but it is a four point spread (I believe).

I know this does not involve naked men, so I will post a little something below to celebrate the men of the UK to encourage you to share your thoughts!  LOL!