Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Need to be away awhile

Hi guys,

I have a personal situation that will require me to be away for a while.  I have made some posts ahead to keep you entertained while I am gone.  Please don't forget about stopping by and enjoying the views!  There are plenty in the archives that are worth a second look too!

Hugs to each and every one of you!

Much love,

Monday, April 27, 2015

Question of the Week: Alcohol

 This week's question is actually a series of questions regarding alcohol:

1.    "Do you enjoy alcohol and if so, what is your drink of choice?"
2.    "Do you consider yourself only a social drinker or do you party hard on occasion?"
3.    "Has alcohol ever lowered your inhibitions and you did something you regretted the next day?"
4.    "At what age did you start drinking?"

Share your thoughts all about alcohol.  I need to learn about your favorite drinks so I have them available when you stop by some day! 

Now enjoy some more friends enjoying a cold, refreshing beverage!

I will answer first since there are several questions in this "Question of the Week":

1.     With beer, I am a Bud Light man usually.  I also like mixed drinks on occasion.

2.     I am a social drinker probably 97-98% of the time.  Only on occasion do I over indulge and pay for it the next morning.  But has it happened...yes!

3.     I was probably the worst when I was in college as far as drinking too much goes.  I was learning my tolerance point I guess.  Anyway, I did go streaking with a couple of buddies when I was drunk.  Of course, you know me and it didn't take alcohol to go nude for me like it did for them.  And for the record, I did not initiate the streak!  LOL!  And I am sure that I ended up in bed once or twice with a guy because of alcohol (if I am being open and honest).  But I think I can say that I never went to bed with someone who I wasn't attracted to even with alcohol.  No morning after surprises in that sense!

4.    My parents had a strict alcohol rule as a teenager, but we could openly drink at home at 18.  My older brother though would slip me some now and then before 18 and I did drink beer with buddies outside of the house when I was 16-17.  I did not start too early but made up for some lost time in college.

Looking forward to you sharing as well.

Sunday, April 26, 2015

Feet in the Air

More naked men in flip flops and sandals courtesy of Little Dicky

Check out Naked Men Allowed on Tumblr

There are just so many hot men to share, so I have the Tumblr site to carry on the tradition of the deleted blog I had called "Naked Men Allowed".  So be sure to stop by and look at all of the hot men over there.  Very few duplications from what you see here and on Guys From Behind.  The link is top the right.  Happy Tumbling!