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Online article of interest: Ta'Leon Goffney

Now out of prison and with a new book, Ta'Leon Goffney hopes to reconnect with his brother.
At first I thought it was a hoax. When the email hit my inbox, my initial thought wasn’t “Wow! This will make a great story!” It was, “Holy Shit! Is this the real Ta’Leon Goffney?” If you follow the gay porn blogosphere, that name probably rings vaguely familiar. Goffney emerged as a semi-star in 2004 when he and his identical twin brother Keyontyli began appearing in a series of films under the names Teyon and Keyon. The pair had booked a smattering of legit modelling jobs but were struggling financially when they agreed to some nude photos for

When the shoot turned out to be a jerk-off video, Ta’Leon was reticent but his brother (who identifies as gay) pressed him, using the timeworn excuse that’s launched many a porn career; I need the money and nobody’s going to see it. The slope from nude snaps to full-on fuck flicks was, apparently, short and slippery. And though they only made a handful of films, occupying the intersection of twincest and homo thug in the Venn diagram of gay porn, they quickly amassed a substantial following.

Keyontyli hoped to ease back into the world of sans-semen modelling, successfully scoring a Nike ad, as well as background work on a handful of TV shows. But in 2008 when he failed to turn up for a gig with Barclays and Ralph Lauren, things began to unravel. He had indeed been in front of a camera that February morning. But it wasn’t to show off some designer duds. He was getting his mug shot taken. The pair had been arrested the night before, caught in middle of a rooftop burglary at a South Philly beauty shop. Nabbing the brothers in action was a coup for police. They were suspected in dozens of similar robberies across three states.

Though Ta’Leon had experience in the system (having previously served time for robbery) Keyontyli quickly caved, turning on his brother in exchange for a plea deal. This time, Ta’Leon was sentenced to eight years. Predictably, both the gay and straight media pounced on the story. Twin brothers who go from a life in porn to a life of crime has the kind of hook that could just as easily be an A&E documentary as a John Waters movie.

So when the aforementioned email from Ta’Leon arrived about an autobiography he’d just inked, I was skeptical.

But it turned out to be the real deal. Free after serving six years of his sentence, Goffney is trying to move forward and put the pieces of his life back together, starting with reclaiming his narrative from the media. Penned mostly during his time inside, the book tells his life story starting with he and his brother being born to 15-year-old single mother in Camden, New Jersey — a town of about 77,000 that consistently ranks as one of the poorest and most violent in the country.

“I wanted to set the record straight and clear some things up about my family,” he says. “We’re not bad people. We just never truly had any help. We’re from one of the poorest cities in the country and when you grow up drowning in poverty, you’ll do almost anything to escape it, even if it’s the most unethical and immoral thing imaginable. I wanted to let that be known and understood.”

Though he identifies as straight, Goffney credits the gay community as a huge part of the reason he was able to survive his sentence. Due to the notoriety of his case, he did much of his time in solitary — a means of protecting him from other inmates. Betrayed by his brother, cut off from much of his family, and ostracized within the prison population, his support came largely in the form of letters from fans of his porn films.

“Mail started pouring in,” he says. “I realized that even though I felt completely alone, the gay community was actually rooting for me. They sent money, cards of support, magazines and books. It put new life in me to be viewed as a figure of change and an advocate. On the days when life got too harsh, I would stay up at night and re-read their letters for the motivation to press on.”

It has the air of a cautionary tale, but Goffney’s book actually serves more as an examination of the problems with the criminal justice system. Reading it, it becomes clear how easy it is to fall into criminal activity when you come from a world of poverty with next to no hope for a positive future. And even when it’s the result of a momentary lapse in judgment, once you end up in the system you’re boxed in for life.

“When you make a public mistake, the world turns its back on you,” he says. “How do people expect the demographic of ex-cons to survive without support? No one will hire us or even take the time to hear us out. So most of us aren’t left with much of a choice and we resort back to what we know best. That’s reason why the recidivism rate is so high. Because I’ve been through the system but I also have a public profile beyond that, I feel like I’m in a position to make a massive difference when it comes informing people about these problems, and hopefully making some kind of change.”

Free for nearly a year, Goffney is putting the pieces of his life back together. Along with publishing his book, he’s studying to be an HVAC technician, and doing his best to stay on the right side of the law. In the meantime, his brother’s plea deal got him back on the street much more quickly and he’s gone on with his modelling career. Though they haven’t spoken since Ta’Leon went away, he’s hopeful that will change.

“It’s true he testified against me, but he was just scared,” he says. “He didn’t have any experience in the system and he didn’t really understand what he was doing. I know it broke his heart after the fact when he realized that he couldn’t take it back. It broke my heart too because I loved him so much. Twins are supposed to ride together or die together. I was still inside when I wrote the book, so my anger and resentment is clearly evident throughout. But when we were kids he was my best friend, so I hope someday we can find our way back to that again.”

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Not part of the original article, but I figured everyone would be interested in a glimpse of their past work.

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Saturday, March 28, 2015

My nude beach getaway

Well I said I would try to post a quick summary of my recent nude beach excursion.  I think I mentioned I was meeting one of my best friends in the entire world there at the beach.  We are great friends and never been involved with each other (not that he is not hot, trust me he is!).  And yes, he might read this and see what I have said.  I have said it to his face!

The reason we have always been great friends and not more is simple.  We love each other so much as friends that we don't want to screw that up by screwing!  Anyway, he is dear to me and knows it.  In fact, he does not come to my blogs so we don't build things up too sexual.  But trust me, we talk some talk!  Both of our goals were to get laid while on vacation!

We stayed at a great hotel fairly close to Haulover Beach, which is the nude beach in the area.  The northern part of Haulover is the nude beach portion and the north part of that is where the gay men hang out.  But don't think it is some cruisy beach.  It is policed heavily and I am actually glad that it is more about the social interactions and enjoying the sun and the water and not about the sex.  Hard to imagine that I just typed that, but it's true.  I love to swim in the ocean in the nude, love laying in the sun in the nude, and enjoy walking up and down the beach in the nude.  

The weather was nice enough for us to enjoy three full days on the beach and a portion of another day.  I met some great guys from Canada, Germany and several states.  And of course many locals.  But there was one particular guy who I found myself really drawn to.  His name is Andrew and he is from London.  I do love a guy with a British accent!

Andrew caught my eye immediately because he looked hot.  He was there alone because he was actually in town for business and decided to stay a couple of days for some beach time.  I walked by him on my way back from a swim and started chatting with him.  I invited him to come over and lay out with us.  He did and we have a great time chatting and relaxing.  Plus since he was alone, it gave me a great opportunity to offer to put some sunscreen on his back.  LOL!  And no, I did not go too far below his waist.  I wanted to, but I was good.  Wasn't the place to touch his butt...yet!

Andrew invited us to dinner, but Tag (my friend's crazy nickname...but that's for another post!) declined.  Don't feel bad for him because he was working his own connection.  I will speed up the story.  Andrew picked me up for dinner.  I made sure I was looking as sexy as possible in clothes!  LOL!  We had a great time and then he dropped me off at my hotel.  You know I was going to invite him up!  (I texted Tag to tell him to stay away until the "Do Not Disturb" sign was off the door.)   I will tell you that Andrew knows how to kiss...among other things!  (He knows about my blogs and probably will read this and I hope he does!)  We had a really fun time but he knew he could not stay too long.  He invited me for dinner the next night and you know I said yes.

He was busy during the day so he didn't get to be at Haulover.  He picked me up and we went to another nice restaurant.  We then went back to his hotel and sat out by the pool for a while talking and kissing some.  It was dark and no one was out there, so you know I had to take advantage of the ocean and the moonlight and the breeze (It was a little chilly, but I wasn't complaining!).  We then walked up to his room and had some more fun sans clothing.  LOL!

He had to fly out the next day to return to London, but he wanted me to stay the night.  I wasn't going to miss out on that opportunity.  He was such a sweetheart and even had breakfast brought to the room that morning.  I enjoyed those English muffins....and breakfast too!  LOL!

He was running late by the time we "finished breakfast" and I told him I would take a taxi back to my hotel.  He hated not to taking me back but it would have been out of his way to the airport.  After some sweet kisses goodbye, I headed back to my hotel.  I enjoyed my time with Andrew immensely.  We both knew it was what it was and nothing more serious, but I do now have a dear friend who might be back in the U.S. before the end of the year and who knows he has a place to stay if he is in my neighborhood!  LOL!  (And Andrew, if you get to read this, you are quite a gentleman and very sexy.  So glad we connected and I look forward to staying in touch.  And let me also go on the record to say if that accent of yours didn't get to me, that smokin' hot ass of yours would have!  I know you are blushing now!  Hugs and kisses!  Gabriel)

Don't worry about Tag because he met his goal too!  

So to give a quick overview of the fun...Xersex, no milk was wasted.   Fellow Butt Bandits, there was plenty of attention given to both our butts.  And to the foot lovers, while Andrew wasn't necessarily into foot play to me, I definitely showed him a couple of things with his very hot feet.  LOL!

Of course I did some other things besides the nude beach and sex.  Not a lot more, but some shopping for some clothes.  Funny how I went shopping for clothes on my "naked beach" trip!  And we went out one night to a club and I got my dance groove on!

Of course I wanted to keep things going here on the blogs while I was away, so I scheduled posts ahead and commented from the beach and computer when I could.  You know I love all of you who stop by to visit the blogs and who share comments.  Didn't want to take a vacation from that!  LOL!

Hope you enjoyed the visuals throughout my adventure.  As you can tell, they are card carrying nudists too.  Only problem is where do you put the card?  LOL!  Much love to all!  Gabriel