Monday, September 29, 2014

Gary and Max show off their bare feet



Question of the Week: Naked Man from the Past


I am using some vintage shots of Roger for this Question of the Week:

"Where was the first time that you saw a man in person (who you did not know) fully nude?"

My answer:

I was around 12 when I remember seeing a completely naked man and actually noticing his body.  I had been to the YMCA swimming with my brothers and saw some men in the locker room at a younger age, but I really didn't "look" at them.  I was all about changing and getting in the pool.

I was at the beach and went to a water slide park.  It was a small place with a couple of slides and that was it.  I went with my brother and he was still sliding when I decided to stop and change to go eat.  I went in the men's room which had a little small changing area away from the sinks and toilets.  There was a man who walked in who would have been in his early to mid 20s.  He started doing some small talk as he undressed in front of me.  I remember he had a nice soft penis and a hot black bush.  He was standing right in front of me talking as I was sitting on the bench.  He was drying off and I remember how his dick and balls bounced some as he moved.  Looking back, I think he was doing all of it on purpose.  I know I can still remember the view!

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