Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Thanks to all of the friends of the blog!

I love how I receive messages and comments from all of you who visit the blog.  I love hearing from all of you, whether it is good feedback or constructive criticism.  You make this so much fun for me!

A big shout out to Uncle Barry who sent me a link to a great blog featuring some men hanging out at nude beaches.  You know how I love my nude beaches!  LOL!

And another friend of the blog sent some photos to share.  
Guess who the naked friend of BAREFOOT MEN is?  Thanks for sharing!

And finally, I have some photos of a guy who is a daily visitor of this blog and who has promised to share some photos.  Well, I am glad to report that they are here and ready for posting.

So glad that you all visit the blog and I hope you will continue to share comments, photos, stories and more!  Everyone sharing really makes this a fun destination!  At least I think so!  LOL!

Much love to all!