Thursday, November 23, 2017

A Feast of Feet This Thanksgiving Day

Happy Thanksgiving to All!  It seemed fitting that there should be a feast of wonderful feet for the post for Thanksgiving Day.  Thank you for being a part of this blog for so long!  You keep me inspired and bring much joy to me.  My life stays busy so this is an awesome place for me to chill and express myself.

Much love to all!

P.S.  Every meal has dessert...right?  This should be no exception!

Wednesday, November 22, 2017

How Would You Feel?

(Ass in photo is for journalistic license and is not the owner of the ass discussed below!  LOL!)

I think anyone who knows me from the blog knows that I am a pretty open minded guy when it comes to sex and expressing the things I enjoy and don't enjoy.  And of course working as a massage therapist offers a certain intimacy even though it is not sexual (usually at least...I am a man!  LOL!)

A client who saw me once about two months ago sent this to me:

I'm really horned up - and I'm thinking about getting a cheap hotel room tonight and inviting some horny studs to cum fuck me - wanna cum join us?  I'd love to be in my dark hotel room, completely naked and kneeling on the bed as a horny stud (or more) come in, strip naked and start to feel and grope where I am, fondling and grasping as their own thick meat slides into my hot mouth, getting firm and ready; they lube up and begin to slide their hot shaft slowly into my ass, letting me get used to be invaded before they begin to increase their rhythm, thrusting and fucking over and over until they explode and then disappear again into the darkness, only to have another take over...Interested? 

I appreciate his boldness and honesty as to what he was needing, but I respectfully declined.  

My question is if this is a hot scene that you would consider if asked or a turn off? 

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