Friday, January 20, 2017

A Little "Big" Story to Share

Hi guys!  I know that the events of today have been upsetting to some, but I simply remind myself that this is a great country and we will be OK.  A friend of mine was so discouraged today, but I reminded him that every day that we have breath is a blessing  We can try to make a small difference in that day.  Not to sound to "Polyanna" but we must look ahead.  Maybe MY event today will make you smile.

I am back home and had a massage appointment call.  This was a guy visiting the area and we wanted to get a massage before heading back to the West Coast.  I was happy to schedule him.

He came over and he was one hot looking man.  I did my intake form to get some basic information so I know how to tailor the massage and he told me he was 45 years old and was having lots of tension in his back and shoulders. He did ask if he had to be draped and I said no.  We then walked into the room and I left him to get undressed and I would return.

I know I don't normally put details about clients on here but I am making an exception for a couple of reasons.  One, he is from the West Coast and he will not be a regular (although I hope he does come back when he is in the area).  Two, he does not know about my blog and it is all good even if he found this.  Three, I think we all could use a smile today.

He has a great body, so I was enjoying my work.  I was dressed for the record.  LOL!  But he was one of the most well endowed men I have ever seen in person.  It was laying in between his legs soft and was quite noticeable.  I was enjoying my work as you can imagine.

When it was time for him to flip over on his back, he was already semi-hard..  He apologized and said I could drape if I wanted to but I told him it was fine and that it is a compliment that he is enjoying the bodywork.  Needless to say, he went fully hard in just a few minutes of me working on his chest.

He started apologizing and even said that he really was there for a massage and not a "happy ending" (much to my disappointment if I am honest).  I told him that was the great thing about a male masseur in a private studio because he did not have to be draped and he could allow his body to react.  He said he was surprised that he was fully hard because it usually takes a while longer because of his size.  I took that as a compliment to my hands, but I guess I cannot totally take credit since I never actually touched his cock.  He shared how he is gay and that having a large cock is not always a great thing because it does take extra time for him to get it fully hard and that guys get intimidated by it or frustrated by it taking longer than they want.

I was actually surprised that he did not at least pleasure himself while on the table, but he said he wasn't looking to get off then.  He had a date with a guy he had met online later tonight.

The moral of this story is:  When the day seems like it will be a stressful and somewhat disappointing, you never know who might cross your path to put a smile on your face.  And let me tell you, this hot daddy with the huge member definitely made my day.  (Not that I am obsessed with large ones! LOL!)

Friday Hot Flash

Thursday, January 19, 2017

What did you notice first?

So did you notice the flip flop wearing feet or the nice and plump cock first?  (I confess that even the barefoot fan that I am was overshadowed by the cock loving fan in these pics!)

Thursday Hot Flash

Tuesday, January 17, 2017

Sending Much Love to Bruce!

I heard from Bryn on January 15 and he sent me a note that Bruce had a stroke on the morning of January 14 (I believe I have the date correct).  Bryn responded quickly after seeing some signs and they ran tests.  On January 15, they performed two procedures to dissolve the clot and then suction the clot out of the vein.  The procedures went well and Bruce's vitals are good.

Bruce will be in the hospital for a couple of days of observation and then possibly to rehab to strengthen his left side.  Bryn has been with him throughout the ordeal. 

I didn't want to pass this along until I specifically heard from Bryn that it was OK to do so.  So glad to hear that Bruce is doing well.  As I mentioned to Bryn, I know that Bruce not only has a great doctor but also a great nurse in Nurse Bryn.  (And Bryn, if you read this and see that I have any of the information incorrect, please let me know and I will update it.)

Sending much love and prayers to both Bruce and Bryn.  I will post any updates as they become available.  While they will be away for a while, they will be back and interacting with us all here on the blog.   Bruce and Bryn, your blog family cannot wait until you are back with us on a nightly basis again!  We miss you and love you!